Film production


Film production

We carry out film and videoproductions at any scale and almost any application. From commercial, industrial, educational and entertainment we offer complementary productions that suit your needs
and will satisfy your clients.

The following is a list of our services for film and video production:

Animatic 2D/3D

2D/3D computer generated clips in 2D/3D. For your product or project.


A classic. Take the chance and benefit from our experience in production with an image clip from Meerblick Kommunikation to show your company at its best!


In cooperation with WOODFILM we offer state-of-the-art aerial photography at any scale. Starting with cost-effective lightweight GOPRO or DSLR drone-setups up to the champions league with heavyweight-setups for RED and ARRI cameras. Aerials shine, raise production value and deliver the money shot for your building project, image/commercial production.