Workflow architecture visualization

  1. Receipt of the CAD data and, if applicable, of the building specification.
  2. Verification of data on usability by the structural engineering supervisor.
  3. Transfer of data to the interior designer for preplanning and developing
    a target group oriented design concept.
  4. Acceptance of the design concept by the customer.
  5. Preplanning documents are sent to the 3D artist for realistic
    implementation under the guidance of an architect.
  6. Acceptance of the first designs by the structural engineering supervisor.
  1. Beginning of the first correction phase. Acceptance of first white renderings by the customer.
  2. Creation of materials in accordance with the building specifications and the accepted interior design concept.
  3. Two correction phases are possible, if necessary.
  4. The scenes can be optimized for 3D realtime visualization, if necessary.
  5. Exterior views can be optimized for use in an augmented reality application.
  6. Final acceptance of the renderings and/or 3D realtime visualizations, augmented reality application and delivery for all required media